Automotive paint on BMW 320i Group 5 racing model
51 x 189 x 76 in. (129.5 x 480.1 x 193 cm)
Signed rear bumper: rf Lichtenstein
Classification: other work

Other Work on Paper

Grouped here are works on paper and a Rowlux piece that do not fall into this catalogue's other classifications of artworks or are considered sentimental gestures.

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Catalogue entry

Artwork: BMW Art Car, 1977 (RLCR 2545) Photo: Courtesy BMW
RLCR 2545 (RL 4360)
BMW Art Car
Title Source
Alternate titles and sources: Art Car Lichtenstein ("Pop Art Car") (RL Studio Card); BMW Racing Car from the BMW Art Car Collection (RLF)
Automotive paint on BMW 320i Group 5 racing model
51 x 189 x 76 in. (129.5 x 480.1 x 193 cm)
Signed rear bumper: rf Lichtenstein

Painted by Lackiererei Maurer, Munich.

This race car competed as number 50 in the 24-hour race at Le Mans in June 1977 and was driven by the French Hervé Poulain and Marcel Mignot who achieved ninth place overall and finished first in their class.

Reproductions: In the years 2003–2005, BMW put out a series of 15 miniature models of the Art Cars. The diecast models in a 1:18 scale were made by Minichamps, circulation was 3000 pieces. The type-carmold was sold through BMW dealers, branch offices and museum shops.

Commission Design
Photo: Courtesy BMW
Research Images
BMW Art Car, 1977 (RLCR 2545). Rear bumper with signature
Rear bumper with signature
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