Glazed high-fired ceramic
H. 15 in. (38.1 cm)
Unknown if signed or dated
Unlocated Work
Classification: ceramic (unique)
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Catalogue entry

Artwork: Blonde I, 1965 (RLCR 1017)
RLCR 1017 (LC 371; RL 0357)
Blonde I
Title Source
Castelli; RL Studio Card
Glazed high-fired ceramic
H. 15 in. (38.1 cm)
Unknown if signed or dated
Examination Notes

Work could not be examined.


Media line per appearance from photograph and comparison to works likely executed in similar technique (e.g., RLCR 1080, Head with Blue Shadow). Dimensions per RL Studio Card.

Fabricated by Ka Kwong Hui and anonymous. 

Per Glenn, C. 1977b, Lichtenstein worked with an unknown Brooklyn potter to cast ceramic heads from one of two plaster models he bought in the hat district and reworked with modeling clay. He took the bisque heads to ceramic artist and Douglass College colleague, Hui, for glazing. In working together, Lichtenstein developed a new stenciling method with perforated masking tape.   

The other plaster head purchased by Lichtenstein, RLCR 872, Head of Girl, was not remodeled, only painted.

Private collection, November 1965 (via Leo Castelli Gallery, New York City)
Private collection, New York
The Mayor Gallery, London, 1981
Private collection, Greenwich, Conn.
Research pending
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