Corlett Catalogue Raisonné of the Prints of Roy Lichtenstein

I.5. Peace Through Chemistry Series, 1970

Corlett 96–99

Lichtenstein explored the Peace Through Chemistry theme in paintings, prints, and sculpture nearly simultaneously. At Gemini G.E.L., beginning in February 1969, he produced four prints, plus one bronze relief. For the Gemini prints, Lichtenstein started with a single collage drawing, which he altered for each print in the series. (Stuart Henderson and Charles Ritt, in conversation with Fine, April 4, 1983. For a brief discussion of this series, see also R. Cohen 1985a, p. 77.)

In 1970 Lichtenstein told John Coplans: “I’ve never seen any painting like the Peace Through Chemistry image. There should have been images like this (in the 1920s and 1930s); it’s a mixture of a kind of W.P.A. mural painting and Cézanne or Grant Wood mixed with American precisionist use of city imagery.” (Coplans 1970c, p. 263.)

(Corlett 2002, p. 115)