Corlett Catalogue Raisonné of the Prints of Roy Lichtenstein

III. Prints and Posters in Unspecified Editions

Corlett III.1-III.C.53

From the beginning of his career, Lichtenstein has created designs for an array of projects that feature original designs and involve the printing process, although not produced in limited editions and not necessarily executed on paper. These works documented here are:

A. Books and Periodicals

B. Posters and Announcements

C. Miscellaneous Projects

In Corlett 2002, p. 289-320, the numbering system was modified to include an A, B, or C as a reference to these subcategories. 

It is important to note that these works were produced in unlimited/unnumbered editions. Thus, numbered posters, such as RLCR 1549, Merton of the Movies, or contributions to limited-edition books, such as In Memory of My Feelings (RLCR 1317, 1319), or three-dimensional, numbered editions, such as RL 3546, Modern Sculpture with Apertures or RLCR 2859, Untitled Shirt will be found in Section I of the catalogue. However, when a poster has been produced in both a numbered and an unnumbered edition—the RLCR 1253, Lincoln Center Poster, for example—it has been cross-referenced in this section. Although none of the posters in Section III are from specified editions (with the exception of RLCR 816.1, which was placed in this section in error; see catalogue entry for further explanation), in many cases Lichtenstein signed significant numbers of them.   

(Corlett 2002, p. 289)